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Marcella Sanchez
Personal Cannabis Consultant

Explore the wonders of cannabis with a personal cannabis consultant. I am an expert with 20+ years of experience. I will support you in creating a cannabis plan as unique as you.

Hello! My name is Marcella.

In the early 2000s, I started the country’s first medical cannabis magazine, by patients, for patients. The magazine strived to be a resource for the hundreds of thousands of patients that needed a fun and informational guide to cannabis. From being the consultant behind the bar to the advocate in my community as committed to the healing properties of cannabis. I have spent years at several reputable dispensaries in the Bay Area, as a cannabis consultant and leading their accessories and boutique coordination. My work resulted in the dispensaries winning San Francisco Magazine’s Best of the Bay two years in a row. I now work full-time as a photographer and Personal Cannabis Consultant. 

Fees and Services 


Personal Cannabis Consultation

Starter Package: $300.000

Ongoing Support: $100.00 per 30 min


The starter package for personal Cannabis consultation includes an informational phone call and three personal consultation sessions.

In these sessions, we will discuss your questions, needs, and desires and come up with a plan for products that best suit you. 


Informational session:

15min_ phone call or zoom where we discuss your experience with cannabis and what you hope to achieve in our sessions. 


Session 1 

30min_ We will dive deeper to focus on topics that will be decided on in our first phone call. We will decide on products to try. 


Session 2 

30min _ I will present to you the options I found based on our previous meeting, your desires, and your needs.

We will go over every product in depth. You will also receive a guide to the products by email. 


Session 3 

30min_ Follow up. We will discuss the products used and how you feel about them.

We can explore other options for items you enjoyed. I will walk you through an online menu so you will feel confident placing your order. 


If you want to continue consultation after the initial starter package, you can sign up for 30 minutes sessions at a rate of $100 per session.


Before our consultation, please read the Marijuana and Marijuana Product Disclaimer document and verify you have read the terms over email. 

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