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Be Seen Project:

The Genius and Gaze of Black Creatives 

Be Seen Project  is a project focused on capturing images of Black creatives in outdoor and public art locations around the Bay Area.


The project seeks to capture Black creatives as they want to be seen, taking snapshots of who they are and gathering stories of their work, life, and experiences in the Bay Area, and sharing their stories through social media and other outlets. The project also works to intentionally build community with and for fellow creatives by creating space for them to share and exchange with each other.  

The project becomes a visual narrative and a living archive of who they are as creatives and represents their individual talents and gaze. Often creatives cannot support their craft with professional images of themselves however this project allows them access to professional images that they receive royalty-free to use in their personal and professional lives while portraying them as they want to be seen.

Chef - Model
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