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Tijuana, Mexico

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

The flag of Mexico flys in the wind in Tijuana.
Flag of Mexico

The first time I went to Mexico, I went to Tijuana. I booked a flight from San Francisco to San Diego to visit my friends Kim & Ayo. I had 3 must-do's while in San Diego.

First, the warm beach, the beaches in San Francisco where I live are beautiful and cold. Even on the hottest day of the year, the Nor Cal Pacific is freezing.

Second, the French artist JR installed a sixty-five ft (20 meters) tall photograph of a toddler looking over the US/Mexican border that was visible in the town of Tecaté, CA and I definitely needed to photograph that.

Third, I wanted a stamp in my newly acquired passport. I quickly discovered that there is so much for those of us with US citizenship to learn about the US/Mexico border.

Kim and I took a car to the border and walked across the bridge into Mexico. We paid $10 for a taxi to take us to Playa de Tijuana. We walked along the boardwalk, had margaritas and I had my first mango in Mexico, which is one of my most favorite things to eat ever.

I didn't know that there was a wall separating the US and Mexico that ran into the ocean. There was lots of powerful art on the Mexico side, and I found my last name.

We saw some bands playing music, people playing volleyball, and teens after partying for a Quinceañera. These are some of my favorite photos from that day. They are all digital, shot with Canon.

A group of teens celebrate their friends Quinceañera

A band with their instruments walk along the wall at the Playa de Tijuana.
Band at the Wall

The border wall between the US and Mexico runs into the Pacific Ocean.
Into the Pacific


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